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Electromax Electrical Engineering Ltd

Specialist on retail and commercial CCTV

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CCTV PC based systems have a number of advantages over the far more popular Digital Video Recorder systems.

The system is operated via a keyboard and a mouse, just like any other program on your PC and offers all the benefits of a high specification advanced professional digital system at an affordable cost.


Major Features

640 X 480 recording and display resolution
Mpeg 4 / Wavelet compression technology
Motion detection, around the clock, and pre-schedule recording mode
Alarm to E-mail (Jpeg or text message)
Build-in web server
Multi level passwords protection
Full screen display
Video lost detection
On screen video lost message
Support dual screen display

Remote Viewing allows other PC’s to connect to the PC running the system via    a network, once connected the Remote PC can view live images of the cameras and play back recordings from where ever your are!

Support one to more, more to one remote monitor

Covert lock out, which means you can record a camera and not have it displayed on the monitor



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